MÖRDWÖLF came into being in January of 2011, when singer/songwriter/guitarist Karl Von Heilman III joined forces with drummer Rocco Semeraro, and bassist Vince Padula. The vision was to create stripped down, dangerous, guitar-driven rock n' roll, executed with furious intensity and conviction.

Karl is a long time veteran of the music trade. He has recorded and performed both nationally and internationally for over 15 years in various bands, including: Blasé DeBris, The Erotics, Selfish Needy Creatures, and The Dogs Divine. As a member of Blasé DeBris, Karl toured as a part of the Warped Tour in 2008.  Karl has also opened for and toured with countless national acts, including Godsmack, Deftones, Sevendust, W.A.S.P., The Business, and The Supersuckers. Karl’s diverse musical education has seen him excel in the sheer power of raw punk, 70's rock flavored guitar leads, and the dark arts of the metal riff. It is with this background that Karl brings to life the music and lyrics of MÖRDWÖLF.

Rocco and Vince are brothers from the alt-metal band BISHOP, and have a similar musical career spanning 2 decades. In 1999 they performed at the infamous Woodstock Festival, and since then they have toured across the U.S., opening for national acts such as Anthrax, and Disturbed. The two brothers have played together for nearly 20 years, cementing a solid rhythm tightness and groove between the two. Their intense focus with the bass and drums, alongside Karl's powerful guitar riffing and catchy lyrical melodies, is what makes MÖRDWÖLF an undeniable rock n' roll beast.

On the release of MÖRDWÖLF's first full length album 'Machine of War', one can hear the influences of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk. The band released the album themselves in November, Friday the 13th, of 2015, and are currently distributing CD's as well as digital downloads directly through their online store at, as well as through standard outlets such as, iTunes,, and


Karl Von Heilman III Rocco Semeraro Vinny Padula
Karl Von Heilman III
Rocco Semeraro
Drums/ Backing Vocals
Vinny Padula
Bass/ Backing Vocals

Machine Of War
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