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April 2016, issue 74
Allen Holloway

MÖRDWÖLF - 'Machine Of War' (independent) Heavy Metal

Generally, I find that if a band has umlauts in its name you're in for some heavy shit. Just remember kids, that in the Metal world it doesn't mean you have to pronounce the band name like you've just had a stroke - 'Moweredwoelf', anyone? - they're just there to look cruel. Don't blame me, blame Mötley Crüe.

Anyway, brand new American band MÖRDWÖLF has just unleashed their debut album, umlauts and all, and as I anticipated it's rather "in-your-face". The impressively named Karl Von heilman  (the third, no less), and his two compadres have taken a leaf out of the book written by the likes of The Misfits and underlined the part that says "ballots are for idiots".

'Machine Of War' certainly grabs hold of the listener, opening with the speedy and shouty 'Lilith', which is wonderfully melodic and macabre. Von Heilman hasn't got the best voice in the world, but his rasping tone suits what the band are doing and he has pitch control that doesn't make him a chore to listen to. There's plenty of "whoa!" and the like, and I can really imagine having a great time with MÖRDWÖLF live.

'Love Is A Fire' starts like a fuel-injected 'Johnny B. Goode' and continues with a great Rock and Roll vibe for its three minute duration. Unexpectedly, five of the twelve tracks are over five minutes, and whilst they are fine and dandy, the shorter songs seemed more suited to what MÖRDWÖLF are doing - this sort of Music always goes down better as a short, sharp shock else the listener can get distracted.

So what we have here is a pretty solid album of Punky, aggressive and Melodic Metal that is fun to listen to but unlikely to make it to any "Best Of" lists come the end of the year. This is three guys having a good time with big riffs and some rather smart guitar work, mixed in with a decent sense of melody and songs themes that would have Wednesday 13 wetting themselves and cuddling a teddy. Worth a punt if down-and-dirty Horror Punk floats your funeral barge.
February 4, 2016
By Stuartahamilton

Aiiiiieeeee!  Here’s MÖRDWÖLF (umlauts bands own) with a Misfits meets Alice Cooper styled rampage through some seventies hard rock meets punk.  But with added vampires and human sacrifice.  As it should be.

Formed back in 2011 by lead singer/guitarist Karl Von Heilman III, drummer Rocco Semeraro and bassist Vinny Padula, they’ve got some form behind them, having played in numerous bands over the years, including Von Heilman III having a stint in and Aerosmith tribute act, Toys in the Attic.  Meanwhile Rocky and Vinny have spent years in Bishop, touring with the likes of Anthrax, Saliva and Disturbed.

But this sees them following up the EP “Release the Beast” with an enjoyable romp through some raw and ragged rock meets punk, with tunes like ‘Lilith’, ‘The Crimson Cross’, ‘The Deader the Better’ and ‘I Hope You Die’ guaranteed to raise a smile wherever white face paint is sold.

Machine Of War
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